Astrobus 2021 – Closed

Astrobus is partnering with Bruh Club to bring you, Ethiiopian creatives, an exciting open call !!!

With the desire to facilitate an exchange of world views and contacts between students and professional scientists, artists and innovators, Astrobus is an annual bus journey traveling through different parts of Ethiopia, our journeys so far have created the opportunities to learn, aspire, empower and connect generations and foster excellence. 

In 2021 Astrobus is calling all Ethiopian artists to apply for the chance to travel together for 10 days all expenses paid and meet, connect, learn, exchange, aspire and empower with those residing in the towns we travel through.

This year, we will be traveling from Addis Abeba to Jinka for 10 days during the first two weeks of May 2021.

  • You must be an Ethiopian artist/creative
  • You must be free to travel the first two weeks of May 2021 starting from Addis
  • You must be able to attend an orientation session on 24th April 2021
  • You must be willing to consent to having your photos and video taken
  • You must be willing to promote your adventure all your social media platforms
  • You must be able to answer explain why you want to be part of this unique journey
  • You must submit your application by no later than 12th April 2021
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