The Arts Mailing List newsletter – 16th Dec 2018 

Photo: The Mini in the room by Mahlet Mairegu

Dearest all,

Thank you all for your wonderful messages checking in on me the last few weeks. All is well and the Arts Mailing List is back after a short break.  

As always, below are some opportunities for you the artist to explore. So please take up the opportunities listed below … apply and share with others

Wishing a great week 


  1. Calling Trainers …. Selam Ethiopia are recruiting for a Culture for Development Trainer for detail call +251-116-621323 Or email
  2. Calling Graphics Designers…. Gebeya’s design competition 
  3. Calling Musicians …. One Beat’s International music exchange programme Open call deadline 21st Dec 2018 
  4. Calling all ….. Contemporary Nights’ the Night of Ideas Open call deadline 24th Dec 2018
  5. Calling Song Writers ….. The Brenthurst Foundation’s the Democracy Works Theme Song Competition deadline 25th Dec 2018 
  6.  Calling all ……. Project Pakati Open call for young leaders deadline 7th Jan 2019
  7. Calling all …… Creative Force’s open call deadline 24th Jan 2019 
  8. Calling Developers …. Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Residency Program deadline 28th Jan 2019 
  9. Calling all …. DOEN foundation’s Circular Entrepreneurship open call 28th Feb 2019
  10. Calling all ….   Goethe-Institut’s  Tibeb Be Adebabay Open Call


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