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The Arts Mailing List newsletter- 18th Feb 2019

Featured Photo by Bluestar Film Production 

Dearest all,

I hope this weekend finds you well. 

This week we feature above a photo entitled ‘Everyone deserves to be happy” by piece by Bluestar Film Production a group of young creatives breaking o the film scene, check out their page, like & share. 

Welcome to your Arts Mailing List newsletter dedicated to informing and  connecting you, the Ethiopian creative industry practitioner.

As always you will find below opportunities & inspiring items to check out and share with others.

Until the next time, wishing a great and productive week


Opportunities: Below are links to open calls. Follow the link,  read and if you like what you see, please apply. This is your chance of getting your art showcased nationally or internationally. 



Inspirational: Below you will find different items to just inspire us all


Wenchi by Abinet Teshome