The Arts Mailing List newsletter – 28th Jan 2019

Photo: In the Fields Butajira by Mahlet Mairegu

Dearest all,

I hope that last week has treated you as you would have wished it and you are looking forward to the coming week. 

As always, this week’s newsletter is packed with many opportunities for you to look at and hopefully to apply for. 

As there is a huge interest in Ethiopia globally, many foreigners visit our beautiful country and having spent only a few weeks in Ethiopia, they then become the voice and experts on Ethiopia Art internationally. 

Are you saddened by this? Good and this is your chance to change the dynamics. The open calls that I share with you weekly are there for you to explore and get your work noticed nationally and internationally. Even if you think you only have small body of work …. just apply & see for yourself!!!! 

Wishing a great and successful week



Nina Girma – Lagerachen


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