The Arts Mailing List newsletter – 31st Dec 2018 

Dearest all,

 I hope this finds you and  finds you really well. 

As always, below are some opportunities, inspirational items for our creative sector worth checking out and some events in Addis worth attending. So apply, watch, read and share with others. 

Until the next one, wishing you all a fatanbulous week 


  1. Calling all Creatives ….. The Digital Lab Africa Open Call  
  2. Calling  all  Creatives ….. Africa 2020 Open Call proposal to
  3. Calling all Script Writers ….. Dede Studios’ Open call contact them on
  4. Calling Graphics Designers …. NArcHome Architecture Logo Competition 
  5. Calling Graphics Designers …. Ethiopian Urban Planners Association-EUPA Logo Competition 
  6. Calling all Writers ….. Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Open call
  7. Calling all Creatives ….. The Body Language Open Call
  8. Calling all Architects ….. Adwa Victory Memorial Museum Concept Design Competition
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