The Arts Mailing List newsletter – 14th Jan 2019

Photo: Harar by Mahlet Mairegu 

Dearest all,

I hope this finds you doing great and the last week has treated you well.

Welcome to our new comers to the Arts Mailing both via email and Telegram.

To clarify, this newsletter if for Creatives working the field of:

  • Architecture,
  • Music,
  • Fashion,
  • Graphics,
  • Animation,
  • Film,
  • Photography,
  • Curation,
  • Events,
  • Arts Management,
  • Writing,
  • Poetry,
  • Crafts,
  • Installation,
  • Design,
  • Sculpture,
  • Visual and
  • Digital Art etc…

And brings you open calls, funding, collaboration and jobs opportunities as well as  inspirational pieces and events for you to explore and share with others.

I hope you enjoy it & let us know about The Arts Mailing List Telegram channel or email me their details.

Wishing a great week

Opportunities: Follow the links below,  read & apply. This is your chance of getting your art showcased nationally or internationally. When you see All Creatives that means the call is open to all art forms including sculpture, architecture, performance etc… so do apply 

  1. All Creatives ….. Art noise Residency Open Call 
  2. All Creatives….. Selam Ethiopia looking for Comms Co-ordinator  JD attached 
  3. All Creatives ….. Selected Open call 
  4. Photographers ….. Submit your work to Afrikan Gallery
  5. All Creatives …… Grants Writing Course
  6. Animators ….. Triggerfish Academy Open Call
  7. Developers ….. Gebeya is recruiting 
  8. All Creatives …… Kernel Festival Open Call
  9. Filmmakers ….. check out Ethiopian Film Commission
  10. Media org ….. Fund for Emerging Media Open Call
  11. Architects & Designers …… Czech Republic Open Call
  12. Musicians …….. Bayimba Festival Uganda Open Call
  13. All Creatives ……. AMA’s Travel Grant for Artists

Inspiring: this week this section is dedicated to the wonderful Ethiopian Creative Sector!!!!! 

Design Week Addis Ababa 11-17th Feb 2019


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