About us

Ethiopian creative industries are versatile, eloquent and produce unique pieces which come out of their own Ethiopian, African as well as global experience. However, only a very small number of people actually get to see these works in Ethiopia and less so at the continental and international levels. 

In order to change the above situation, it is imperative that Ethiopian creatives access and forge a place for themselves. Additionally, it is time for the Ethiopian creative industries to reclaim its voices through showcasing, representing and leading conversations on creativity in general and Ethiopian and African creative outputs in particular. And that is exactly why we are here and we hope you will join us on this interesting and long journey.

We are a creative social enterprise by Ethiopians for Ethiopians. In the long term, we seek to develop creative networking and learning opportunities for the sector. In the meantime, we are here to inform, connect and showcase the Ethiopian creative industries.

If you are an Ethiopian creative practitioner, subscribe and receive your weekly Arts Mailing List newsletter by email, see what is being produced by many Ethiopian and other African creatives, check out and apply to national and international open calls. 

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